Picture of young woman with pink hair reclining.The Chemistress currently works as a chemist for a nuclear plant The information is only meant to inform the reader of the peculiar situation of her employment and should not be taken to assume this blog reflects the opinions of her employer in any way shape or form, blah, blah, legalise. ​In previous lives, she has wanted to be an herbalist, a pharmacist, a PhD in natural product drug development, and a plain ol’ Biomedical engineer. She currently resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee subsisting on the beauty of nature provided by the area.

​Her interests are wide and poorly defined. She likes just about everything which is to say she likes to partake in every part of the human experience. She likes good food, good wine, good music, good books, good ideas and good people. In her spare time, she travels the globe across the American continent to other continents getting a peek at what everyone is doing.

​With interests wide and many, this blog will focus on topics related to economics, ethics, philosophy, feminism, and what it means to be a former tomboy transformed into a beautiful “Woman in STEM” in this our modern world.

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