A Clean Home is a Clear Mind

A bed filled with clothing and a laptop, clearly in the cleaning process.

In process…

Kondo Clean

A clean home is a clean mind. I can feel it. I’m good at it while I’m at work. My desk is spic and span. Every day before I leave, anything unneeded is purged, and I’m left with a few notebooks, a cup of pens, my desktop, and my sugar skull succulent. Every day when I leave, that’s what I’m looking at.

At home? Not so much. Things inevitably accumulate and pile. Especially now that I’m the official permanent address for 80% of my other family members, the mail is unceasing. Moving a lot of my parents home into my own certainly didn’t help, and I’m overwhelmed.

From ages 16 to 24, I moved every year. Every year I boxed up all my belongings, hauled them to a new place, and set up show. Every year, this allowed me to touch and inspect my possessions and determine whether or not they had a place.

Not wanting to be wasteful, I kept too much. My primordial sin, as with most of KonMari’s clients, is keeping things “Just in case I need it.” I haven’t used it in years, but I swear the minute I throw it away, I’ll need it the next. As Kondo urges, “Someday never comes.”

So this year, without a timeline and with everything steady for the foreseeable future, I am purging. Before, I was working with a timeline so my ability to contemplate keeping things was less than adequate. Now, I will devote time and intention.

The KonMari Method

In a way, I already did the KonMari method. Touch an object, if it doesn’t bring you joy -a heart flutter -discard it. Being I’d already adopted this method, I thought I might round out in the fad self-help phase of KonMari cleaning. I listened to her audiobook via my local library, and I’d recommend it if you plan to embark on the journey. (Apparently you can purchase it for $1.99 at Barnes & Noble right now, a  herald to its perhaps overestimated popularity.) Even if you have the list and think you know what you’re doing, her calm, persistent urging plays like Zen koans.  She’ll tell you what to do, but also how to do. How to unwind yourself form your old trophies and memories with honor -without feeling like you’re throwing your old self in the trash.

If you find it hard to determine the order of everything from reading the book, there are many devotees who have taken up the challenge for you. Making checklists for every single thing to be cataloged and resolved. Google KonMari checklist and you’ve got it. Here’s my chosen.

New Beginnings

KonMari method to clean my physical house to clear my mind. New blog to clean my digital house and clear my mind. Since helping with layout editing on my side-gig No-Filter, I’ve discovered the many advantages and abilities of WordPress. I’ll be saying goodbye to IamScientistE to become TheChemistress for real. Sad since I’d apparently gotten quite a following. Of course, I intended to migrate everything for a re-launch. I probably will over time, but for now, I’m enjoying having a new, clean house.