Pregnancy Products

As you can expect, we’ve been rather busy getting things ready for the upcoming babe (less than 1 month to go!). I haven’t caught up with this as much as I thought I would, but thanks to being an over-planning, overachiever, I sit here at 36 weeks with everything done. At least, as best as it can be, so I finally have some free time back on my hands.

With weeks left to go and strenuous activity completely off my plate, I turn to my relaxing hobby of choice -crafting body care products. As any impending mother with social media knows, pregnancy is a time to be marketed to. Cute baby clothes, cribs, toys, and a litany of miscellaneous must-have products. Among these are 50,000 kinds of anti-stretch mark creams and oils, all promising to help keep your skin clear and fresh!

Curious, you click on the link thinking, “Well, might as well look,” only to be greeted with a $50 price tag (or more!). What?! Rest assured, there’s a better way.

Myths vs. Matter of Fact

I have some bad news. Whether or not you get stretch marks during pregnancy seems to be determined completely by genetics. Some people do, some people don’t, and no amount of expensive cream can change that. Even so, keeping your skin well hydrated and cared for will help curb the annoying symptoms of expansion as your stomach grows, which is inevitable.

After clicking on one too many ads with overpriced products, I scoffed and decided to make my own. While there are plenty of inexpensive alternatives that will fit the bill, such as Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion at a cool $7 from Target, why be a chemist if you’re not going to experiment at home?

I’m at the point where I have a slew of materials in the house at the ready, but most of you will likely have the very base items you need at home. Coconut oil and olive oil are perfectly safe and natural moisturizers in most kitchens. While the recipe I offer below adds some items, know that combining these will give you a simple base you can use with no modifications. I typically use a 2:1 ratio with twice the amount of coconut oil to olive oil.

Stretch Mark Clear Concoction

With an arsenal of products at the ready, here’s my recipe for Stretch Mark Clear Concotion.

  • 4 oz Coconut Oil
  • 2 oz Olive Oil
  • 1 Tbsp Almond Oil
  • 1 Tsp Vitamin E Oil (5,000 IUs)
  • 1 Tsp Argan Oil
  • 10 Drops of The Ordinary Caffeine Solution
  • 10 drops of essential oil or fragrance to scent.

The process of making is simple. Melt the coconut oil, then add all other ingredients. The resulting mix will be more like a body oil than cream. If you prefer a more solid base, you can adjust the amount of coconut oil or add shea butter. Personally, I prefer the oil that’s easier to glide on and distribute evenly. As I mentioned before, some of these aren’t necessary. I just happened to have the Caffeine serum sitting around, and I thought it would help perk up my skin.

This mix has lasted for most of my pregnancy, and at an average cost of less than $5 per batch, it’s well worth making at home.

For another pro-tip on pregnancy skin care, use an exfoliating scrub while in the shower ever 2-3 days. Your cellular turnover is through the roof, and it’s important to slough off the old skin to make room for the new. I’ve taught you how to make sugar scrubs before, and that’s what I recommend.

With pregnancy comes concerns about what you’re putting into your body, whether through ingesting or topical application. Fortunately my motto with skin care has always leaned towards, “Safe enough to eat,” and this recipe holds close to that (I don’t recommend ingesting essential or vitamin E oil although it’s highly unlikely they’d cause issues). Being able to make your own sure makes you feel a little bit better on this front.

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